This section of our site allows you to download various items that are relevant to LmA. Please feel free to watch, read and display these items. All downloads are password protected so that they cannot be edited, or are pdfs, but they can still be viewed and printed. If you would like to have certain items changed please contact us by email. For downloads related to the LmA Sponsored Walk, click here. All the items in this section are due to be updated soon, however they do all feature the new LmA web domain.

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LmA PowerPoint Presentation

This file is an edited version of the presentation that LmA uses at exhibitions. It runs constantly until exited and has automatic timing. The presentation lasts just under 6 minutes. It has been tested with PowerPoint '97 and later; we do not guarantee that it will run in any other applications or versions of PowerPoint. Please do not exhibit this item without our prior permission. Thankyou.

We also give sit-down presentations with commentary. If your company/ organization would like a presentaion please contact us with details of the location, preferred dates and facilities available for us to use.



These are copies of the posters used by LmA for advertising. They are all pdfs, designed for A4 paper. Please download and display these posters, and help us increase public awareness as to the threat of landmines. Click on the relevant picture to download.

40% of landmine victims are children


Landmines claim the life or limb of 96 people a day


At the present rate of clearance it will take 690 years to clear all the mines in Croatia alone


Information Sheet

This sheet gives a brief summary of the landmine problem and the work of LmA and Adopt-A-Minefield. It is in pdf format and covers one side of A4. It can be printed in black-and-white or colour.


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