96 people a day lose life or limb to a landmine

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Please be aware that Landmine Awareness is not currently active, and the Adopt-A-Minefield programme (and with it the No More Landmines Trust) have been completed. This is not the end of the problem however and we would urge you to support the Mines Awareness Trust and Landmine Action. The information on this site remains as it was in early 2009 and has not been updated or corrected since. Feel free to explore, and we hope to restart our activities at the earliest possible opportunity.

LmA was formed in 2003 and based in Leicestershire (UK) as an organisation aiming to increase public awareness as to the landmine problem, as well as raising funds for the UN Adopt-A-Minefield programme via The No More Landmines Trust.

Landmines are indiscriminate killers. Planted to harm soldiers, around 90% of their victims are civilians. While the casualty rate due to landmines may look small compared with other causes of death, the problem must be looked at in context. The people who are at risk are, for the most part, innocent of planting the mines - they are suffering from the actions of someone else. Landmines also have wider effects, causing disrupted development and increased poverty in the countries where they are found. Please look at our information pages to find out more.

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