Landmines. Everyone has heard about them... but how much is really known about these violent and cowardly weapons? Our aim is to increase awareness about these wartime atrocities.

Landmines are a very effective and cheap way of killing people. Put in simple terms, that is all they are. They are also weapons that remain a hidden threat, even after a conflict has finished... for some innocent person to put their foot on. A child playing. A farmer cultivating his land. A poor woman going to fetch water. These mines are claiming lives as you read this.

This is about real people trying to live their lives in a normal way; days, months, even years, after the conflict has ended. It may not have even been a conflict which had anything to do with them. Their country is no longer at war, and they need to go about their lives as we do. It may be to go to school, to play with friends, to harvest their crops, to feed their animals, to drive to work - whatever - surely they should have the right to move freely within their environment? Imagine having to pick your way through your garden so that you can visit a friend or do the shopping. The threat is very real to them.

Please browse some of the information we have on landmines using the links above.

The charity we support needs help from people like you to employ people to sweep these mines, to provide assistance to landmine survivors and to lobby influential governments to destroy their stocks of these heinous legacies of war. You CAN make a difference. These people depend on YOUR support.

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