LmA Sponsored Walk 2007 totals confirmed at last!


It's taken a very long time to gather in all the money, but we can now reveal that the 2007 LmA Walk raised £940 for the No More Landmines Trust. In addition to this, over £120 should be reclaimed from the forms as Gift Aid. Thanks to the walkers, marshals and everyone who donated!

LmA Sponsored Walk 2007


The LmA walk this year saw nine walkers hike 18.3 miles (29.5km). We won't know the total for a while yet, but keep checking back for more information, or see our LmA Walk pages for the latest. It's not too late to help us by donating online, at justgiving.com/lmawalk07.

All the particpants, before the start of the walk.

Picture: The walkers and marshals (minus the one with the camera!) at the start, in The Rushes in Loughborough, Leicestershire. Left to right: Gwilym, Jamie, Sachin, Dan, Rikki, Malraj, Becky, Sarah, Cat, Alex and Chris. Image © Alan Thomas 2007.

We would like to offer our thanks to all the participants and to everyone who has sponsored us.

LmA Sponsored Walk 2007 campaign launched


LmA Sponsored Walk '07 in support of The No More Landmines Trust

The campaign to coincide with the LmA Sponsored Walk 2007, which will take place on Saturday 22nd September, has now been launched. For more information, see our LmA Walk pages, which will be kept updated. To donate by credit or debit card, you can visit our justgiving.com page (www.justgiving.com/lmawalk07). Please support us as we try to beat last year's total!

LmA's second 'adoption'


We have just received feedback from The No More Landmines Trust regarding the money we raised in the sponsored walk last year. This money was pooled with many other donations to pay for the clearing of minefield CAM-086, covering an area of farmland and forest in Ou Sampor2 Village, Malay District, Banteay Meanchey Province, Cambodia. The minefield, a legacy of Cambodia's civil war, had claimed the lives of 25 people, wounded 35 more and killed 22 domestic animals. During the demining process, 736 antipersonnel mines and 33 unexploded weapons were found and safely destroyed. That's 769 potential deaths or maimings of innocent civilians which have been averted. The land can now be used productively, as the photos below, taken shortly after the minefield was cleared, show. The minefield was right next to a school with 514 students; with the help of our supporters, and many others like them, the members of this community no longer have to live in fear.

View the letter from Keith Kelly, Director of The No More Landmines Trust
View the CAM-086 completion report
View the CAM-086 completion sketch
(These are all pdf files and will open in new windows)

CAM086 after demining - April 2007 CAM086 after demining - April 2007

Above: Two views of CAM-086 in the weeks after demining (April 2007) and Below: photographs taken from similar viewpoints a month later, showing the regeneration which has taken place in such a short time.

CAM086 after demining - May 2007 CAM086 after demining - May 2007

Visit from Keith Kelly


The director of The No More Landmines Trust, Keith Kelly, today paid a visit to Loughborough to speak to some of the people who have helped LmA to raise money over the past few years. As well as expressing his thanks to everyone, he gave an informal presentation and answered questions. We would like to thank him for coming to see us and for strengthening our resolve to make a difference.

LmA Sponsored Walk 2006 totals confirmed


It can now be confirmed that a total of £1012 was raised through sponsorship, our justgiving webpage and the collection. LmA would like to thank everyone who took part and donated for their part in raising such a significant amount of money!

LmA Sponsored Walk 2006


This year's sponsored walk covered a distance of 17 miles, featuring twelve walkers and very warm but overcast weather. The final total raised is not yet known, but the few sponsorship forms we have so far seen have given a total of £600+. Once all forms are taken into account, and with extra money still being sponsored, it looks like we should be able to reach our target of £1000 - keep returning to see how we do! You can donate by credit or debit card by visiting justgiving.com/lmawalk.

All the particpants, before the start of the walk.

Picture: The participants, before the start of the walk, outside Queen's Park in Loughborough, Leicestershire. Left to right: Alex W, Sarah P, Becky B, Chris P, Tim T, Ed T, Oli T, Andy T, Ashley H, Gwilym T and Sachin P. Jamie P also completed the walk. Image © Alan Thomas 2006.

Again, we would like to thank all who took part, and all those who have sponsored. Once more this year particular thanks go to the employees of Jaguar Cars Ltd., for their generous donations, and to LGS Scouts for allowing us to borrow some much-needed kit. More info can be found on our LmA Walk pages.

Justgiving.com page launched


In preparation for the LmA Sponsored Walk, taking place next weekend, we have launched a page on the charity website, justgiving.com. To sponsor the walkers, visit justgiving.com/lmawalk. Donations can by made by credit and debit card, and you can make a Gift Aid donation too (if you are a UK taxpayer). So please, if you can, take a look and sponsor us!

LmA's first 'adoption'


Adopt-A-Minefield (UK) have just informed us that the money raised by LmA so far has been pooled with some other donations and sent to clear minefield CAM 078 in Cambodia. The following is from the Adopt-A-Minefield (UK) website:

CAM 078 - O' Sra Lao village, O' Sra Lao commune.
Size: 39,324 m2
Manual demining by CMAC
Cost: $37,291
O' Sra Lao village is a thickly forested area located in O' Sra Lao commune, Malay district, Banteay Mean Chey province. During the war, O' Sra Lao village was a strategic battle zone. In order to keep their military installations, the government placed thousands of mines and UXOs in the area. After the war‘s end, the landmines in O' Sra Lao village have killed 4 people, 20 domestic animals, and have wounded 11 others. Demining this area will allow for the resettlement of 30 families who are in need of land. Furthermore, clearing this area will provide valuable safety to all the individuals living in the village.

To see a pdf copy of letter and certificate we received, click here.
LmA would like to thank everyone who has made our 'adoption' of this minefield a possibility.

LmA Sponsored Walk 2006 dates confirmed


LmA Sponsored Walk '06 in support of Adopt-A-Minefield (UK)

It has been confirmed that the LmA Sponsored Walk '06 will take place on Saturday 16th September. Initial letters will be available from next week and as soon as more information is available it will be posted on the LmA Walk pages... check back regularly for updates!



There have been a few changes to the structure of LmA in recent weeks. Essentially LmA is now operating solely as a fundraising/awareness group for Adopt-A-Minefield UK, but maintaining its own identity. This follows correspondence with AAM and with other charities, and I have decided that Adopt-A-Minefield suits LmA's campaign better than any other charity, with its broad range of activities and seperatley-funded administration. LmA is now forwarding all money almost directly to AAM, it is no longer being held in a holding account. This means it may be more convenient to pay any donations directly to AAM, but we would really appreciate it if you contact LmA if you do this, as it is useful to see how effective our campaign has been. Changes have been made to the website to reflect these new arrangements.

A note about copyright on this website: apart from images, the content of the website is offered to anybody wishing to use it to provide information on landmines on the web or in any other publication. It does not need to be attributed, but please do let LmA know though if you decide to copy any significant amount. Site design © Gpa:web 2004-2006. Images are the copyright of their respective owners, and this is made clear where necessary. The image at the top-left of the web pages was obtained a while ago, and LmA has not been able to ascertain its copyright. If the copyright belongs to you, please let me know.

Finally, since I am running LmA single-handedly at the moment, any offers of help with administration etc. are welcomed. Please use the contact form to let me know if you are interested.

New domain and hosting!


LmA's website has moved! We are now at www.landmineawareness.co.uk. We are currently in the process of updating our site, so for the time being certain facilities may be unavailable. Please bear with us! Remember to update your bookmarks. We are trying to notify everyone who has linked to our site of the change of address, but if you do notice a link anywhere that points to our old url, let us or the administrators of the relevant website know. Thanks.

An update


We regret that we had to cancel this year's sponsored walk, for a variety of reasons. At the moment, the future of LmA is uncertain, since one of us has moved away from the area, and the other has been seriously ill. As a result we would appreciate any offers of help from interested parties so that we can keep up the good work. There are also some people who still owe money that they pledged, and we would ask that people try and get this to us, since neither of us is able to 'chase people up' at the moment. Thanks.

Sponsored Walk site now online


All the information on our annual sponsored walk is here, including information on how you can participate. Click here for more information.

LmA Sponsored Walk 2004, and an updated website.


There are two newsworthy items today. Firstly, today was the day of our annual sponsored walk. This year we had eleven participants, walking 17 miles and raising £1,137, thus bringing our total raised so far to £2,237! The weather was mostly wet, with a few (rather too short!) dry spells. However, all those walking did extremely well, especially Gethyn T, who was recovering from a recent severe hip/spinal injury.

All the particpants, before the start of the walk.

Picture: The participants, before the start of the walk, outside Queen's Park in Loughborough, Leicestershire. Left to right: Andrew W, Edward T, Christopher P, Thomas W, Bob Y, Gwilym T, Paras A, Gethyn T, Thomas W, Ashley H, Jamie P. Image © Alan Thomas 2004.

Again, thanks to all who took part, and all those who sponsored, particularly the employees of Jaguar Cars Ltd. Further thanks go to LGS Scouts for allowing us to borrow certain items of kit.
Today also marks the date when the new websites are fully operational - check the new LmA media and downloads in the advertising section.

First anniversary!


LmA is one year old today! So far we have raised £1,100 for charity Adopt-A-Minefield. The site now also includes some revised information pages, and some new links.

Site updated!


The new look site is now online! As well as a facelift, the site also includes several updated areas, including news and links pages.

LmA Sponsored Walk


The LmA sponsored walk was a fundraising initiative for which six members of LGS Scouts walked 15.5 miles through the Loughborough (Leicestershire) area to raise funds for the cause. The weather was exceedingly hot, but the full distance was completed. The walk has so far raised another £678 for the charity Adopt-A-Minefield, and this amount is still growing. Well done!

The participants, having completed the walk.

Picture: The participants, having completed the walk. Left to right: Andrew W, Ashley H, Daniel S, Gethyn T, Gwilym T, Edward W. Image © Alan Thomas 2003.

LmA would like to especially thank all those who sponsored the particpants, notably employees of Jaguar Cars ltd, Halifax plc and the 600 Group plc. Additional thanks also goes to LGS Scouts for their help.

Fairfield Preparatory School Spring Fair


During this event LmA raised over £100 from a stand in the school's main hall. LGS Scouts are to be especially thanked for donating their indoor exhibititon space.

Other events:

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