LmA Landmine Awareness is an organisation that strives to increase the public consciousness of the threat of landmines. Our two aims are to educate the local community in the area surrounding the university town of Loughborough, in Leicestershire, and to raise money for our supported charity, The No More Landmines Trust, which clears minefields in Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cambodia, Croatia, Mozambique and Vietnam, as well supporting projects for landmine survivors in the 75 other countries worldwide with a landmine problem. Somewhere in the world, every 15 minutes, someone is either killed or seriously maimed by a landmine. While this can be considered a fairly small number, compared with, for instance, the one cancer death every 3 1/2 minutes in the UK, it has to be remembered that not only are these deaths premature, but they are completely unnecessary. Landmines are heinous reminders of conflicts that are theoretically long-finished. They do not discriminate between child or soldier, tractor or tank. Not only do they cost people their lives and limbs, but they isolate and deprive whole communities. Therefore we ask for your support in our commitment to aid The No More Landmines Trust in its contribution to the global Adopt-A-Minefield to rid the world of these wartime atrocities.

To do this, we need your help. It costs at least £16,000 to clear a single minefield, and there are thousands. In Bosnia alone, 18,304 have been mapped. To clear a minefield requires people to map hundreds of acres with a metal detector, studying the whereabouts of potential hazards. then, each mine has to be dug up, and deactivated. The people who do this risk their lives with every step - one mistake and they are dead. The least we can do is raise the money required to pay for this expensive work.

Set up in September 2002, LmA raised over £2,200 in its first two years, and has made a start at increasing awareness as to the very real threat of landmines in those countries where they are present. LmA is currently run single-handedly, and as a result there have been suspensions of activity for periods of time due to serious personal and family illnesses - of course, any help in running LmA would be welcome! Our major events so far include three sponsored walks - see our news page for more details on these and other fundraising initiatives. However, there is a lot of work still to be done. Your donation of time or money can and will make a difference. Every penny counts - please help in any way you can.


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